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Recent Entries 
Parasite Eve [9]
[9] Aya Brea

Resident Evil [26]
[3] Ada Wong
[2] RE5 Chris Redfield
[1] Leon S. Kennedy
[12] Rebecca Chambers
[8] Shiva Alomar

Silent Hill [6]
[6] Heather Mason

TOTAL [41]


This is my BoomstickCollapse )
21st-Nov-2009 09:08 pm - Colored Hellsing Icons
Vivi // pirates life for me
[x1]Alucard, [x3] Integra, [x1] young!Integra, [x12] Seras


and shine heaven nowCollapse )
18th-Nov-2009 07:23 pm - HEAVEN OR HELL
Vivi // pirates life for me
[x2] Axl, [x5] Baiken, [x3] Bridget, [x1] Dizzy [x1] Chipp, [x2] Faust, [x2] I-no,[x1] Anji, [x2] Jam, [x1]Ky&Jam [x3] Johnny, [x2] Ky, [x3] May [x2] May&Johnny, [x3] Millia, [x2] Slayer, [x1] Sol, [x1] Testament

___Final Fantasy IX [x11]
[x10] Eiko, [x1] Vivi


LET'S ROCKCollapse )
18th-Nov-2009 01:26 pm - One Piece
One Piece [40]
[1] Chopper
[8] Luffy
[12] Nami
[2] Robin
[11] Sanji
[1] Usopp
[3] Vivi
[1] Zoro
[1] Other


And we'll sail on, Sail OnCollapse )
18th-Nov-2009 01:16 am - ONE PIECE DUMP
Vivi // pirates life for me
___One Piece [38 icons]
[x2] Brook, [x4] Chopper, [x4] Franky, [x3] Luffy, [x1] Merry, [x11] Nami [x2] Robin, [x4] Sanji, [x1] Robin&Sanji, [x4] Usopp, [x3] Zoro


we're the seven deadly sinsCollapse )
17th-Nov-2009 10:35 pm - Capcom Dump [55 Icons]
//Natasha Allegri-Crystaline
Dark Stalkers Universe [21]
[6] BBHood
[2] Felicia
[2] Hsein-Ko
[5] Lilith
[4] Morrigan
[2] Other

Resident Evil [19]
[8] Jill Valentine
[10] Rebecca Chambers
[1] Zombie

Street Fighter [15]
[12] Chun-Li
[3] Cammy


And it is the Ultimate ShowdownCollapse )
16th-Nov-2009 03:28 pm - Old Dump
Vivi // pirates life for me
___Final Fantasy (VI/VII/VIII/IX/X-2)
[x3] Sabin, [x1]Yuffie, [x2]Selphie, [x1]Ultemicia, [x1] Laguna, [x2] Eiko, [x3]Paine, [x1]Yuna

___Kingdom Hearts II
x2 Seifer/Rai/Fuu



saving the world againCollapse )
16th-Nov-2009 02:24 pm - Affiliate
Vivi // pirates life for me
If you have a graphics or icon community and would like to affiliate with tsulalala, please respond to this post!
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